Tempo Training 30x0 ... What is it?

Tempo Training 30x0 ... What is it?


If you know you know.  But for those who don’t yet, we envy you somewhat.  

To most this sequence just looks like 40 x 1 but those of you who have worked with Brian for any period of time know you are in for a treat, a really terrible, spicy, tough beautifully beneficial treat, when you see that combo of numbers and letters together.  

Tempo Training. 

It’s what you should be incorporating into your daily training.  

Why you ask? Let me tell you! 

Tempo training plays such an important role in your fitness progress to achieve your goals. 

Utilizing a specific tempo provides many benefits including but not limited to:

  •  Forcing controlled quality reps
  • Getting the correct dose response out of the exercise
  • Overcoming weak points by spending more time in specific positions.  

But what do the numbers themselves mean?? Here are those details!

Whether you’re looking to burn fat or to build muscle mass and strength, tempo training definitely needs to have a place in your workout.

Learn to love it! 

Click the heck out of this, to check out Coach Brian discussing further how to read and implement tempo training into your programming. 

Author: Morgan Hodge


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