My name is Molly, and I have been taking Nova Labs supplements since September 2018. I work full time as a nurse, and spend another several hours a week at Crossfit. Here’s a little bit about myself: I am super detail orientated (color coded closet, mild overplanning, etc.), active (I make a conscious effort to slow down), and hardworking (I struggle to say no, and I might have a little bit of perfectionist qualities). These factors help me to be a good nurse, and a vastly improved hobby exerciser, but also mean I need to pay attention to myself to make sure I don’t try to pour from an empty cup.

I decided to give Max Sleep and Max Adrenal a try when I was 3 months into my first ever nursing job. I was quickly headed down the road to burnout – Medicine and Palliative care is heavy physically and emotionally. Add in an 80 minute commute a few days a week and I was starting to collect a big pile of crumpled drive through napkins in my car cupholders, which is not exactly the coping strategy I would recommend. I was providing a huge amount of emotional support for patients and families at work, but I was running on empty in my own personal life, and fit Aryn Bartoshyk’s definition of adrenal fatigue to a “T”.

Within a few weeks of taking Max Adrenal, I noticed that my usual 3pm (or 3am on nights) lull in energy was becoming much more reasonable. Instead of feeling like I’d been hit by a train and running on autopilot, I felt like I was able to be my usual outgoing self for most of the day. Max Sleep I don’t take as frequently, mostly because I have a tendency to tire myself out enough to fall asleep as soon as I’m horizontal, but I rely on it to keep me asleep longer when I have to sleep in the daytime for my night shifts.

I’m now a year and a half into taking Nova 3 Labs supplements, and I have added most of their products into my weekly routine. I also took a risk and made a pretty big career change, and now work in the NICU. Some days, my patients weigh less than my most recent PR. I am forever grateful for Nova 3 Labs for creating something that allows me to bring my best self through all 12 hours of my shift (and even smiling through the diaper blowouts).

- Molly

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