Let's Talk about Libido..

Let's Talk about Libido..

Lets talk about Libido...

Libido is something I talk about with clients a LOT - be it female or male. While it can be a deeply personal topic that requires trust and a solid, professional coaching relationship to get into, it’s one of the main factors in determining overall health.

It can become quite complex to get into the differences between male and female and what drives libido. The factors that can affect sex drive outside of training and nutrition are endless - but coaching doesn’t stop at training and nutrition. EVERYTHING is connected and related. When an athlete has everything dialled as far as food and strength/conditioning, but libido is tanked, it’s something we want to address.

Constant sympathetic activation will kill libido faster than a polka dance in a nursing home; there’s a reason the adage “sympathetic = fight or flight, parasympathetic = feed n’ breed” exist….because its absolutely true. Last thing your brain is worried about when running from the bear is getting a piece of action. You are trying to save your own ass, not get some!

It is totally normal for libido to wax and wane; what becomes concerning is when it’s gone, chronically. If diet and training are in order, take into account other stressors - lifestyle, sleep quality/quantity, overuse of stimulants, emotional and mental stressors.

What have you noticed that affects libido, positivity or negatively? Let’s talk about it. Because it’s important.

Author: Mike Kesthely

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