Leadership...Earned, Learned, Given or Innate?

Leadership...Earned, Learned, Given or Innate?


Earned, Learned, Given, or Innate?

Lots of opinions around this, especially in military and paramilitary services. Promotion via seniority, or merit based? Next in line, or apply and qualify? I have seen amazing leaders come out of both sides of that equation. And I have questioned the process on both as well. Not everyone is made to lead, even if they want to.

I tend to lean to innate and learned. Tie a monkey to a desk and eventually he’ll get promoted…as the saying goes. But promotion and titles do not equate to leadership.

Without a doubt, there are true born leaders. Men and women that have magnetic charisma, razor sharp decision making skills, and unfailing confidence to point the way. That is not me. Nor is it 99% of the population. Those leaders are a rare breed.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity over the past 22 years with the fire service to watch and learn from both ends of the spectrum of leaders. And I firmly believe you can find application and implementation from observation.

Onto the next chapter. 22 years as a firefighter. 27 as a paramedic. Day 1 as a Captain.

“Best job I ever had”

- Don “Wardaddy” Collier


Author: Mike Kesthely

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