Hook Grip how to do it the RIGHT way!

Hook Grip how to do it the RIGHT way!

A key principle when we train, is to aim to be as efficient as possible.

Sounds pretty straight forward right?

Usually we think about that efficiency with big things like our squat or our deadlift, but have you considered how to be more efficient and effective with something small like your hook grip?

To most, the hook grip is just this annoying thing you do when Olympic lifting that hurts your thumb right?

But did you know there are some specific parameters you should be doing to ensure you lock that hook grip in to be the most effective and efficient?

Let's start with what the hook grip actually is.

The hook grip is utilized in a pronated grip position of the hand where the thumb is trapped between the bar and typically the first and second fingers, although this may vary depending on an athletes hand size.

When you have wrapped your thumb around the bar you don't simply try and smash your thumb into the bar with your fingers but instead you aim to actually grab it with your other fingers and pull it around the bar.

This helps to "lock in" the hook grip.

Another key aspect to a solid hook grip is the transmission of force from the feet and legs through the body into the bar.

Utilizing an effective hook grip allows for less tension through the wrists and elbows by minimizing 'rolling' of the bar in the athletes hands.

This allows for the force to travel more efficiently through the body and providing you as the athlete a better ability to keep control and power into the lift.

Keep that hook grip locked in during your next training session!

Become Unstoppable!

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