Everything is Temporary.. Both the negative and positive.

Everything is Temporary.. Both the negative and positive.

"Everything is temporary. Both the negative and positive. If you keep this in mind you will persevere through the bad, and savour every minute of the good."  

I had a couple interesting conversations with athletes lately, regarding the extremes of the above statement.

When I have an athlete “peaked” or dialled, as a coach, I try and do everything to make that last. Ensure lifestyle habits are in place, diet, supplementation, and mindset are addressed.

But in the back of my mind, I know it won’t last. Performance based training will always have peaks and valleys. So my job is to “catch” the athlete when things start to break down. It’s not a negative, they just do. But while the getting is good? Fuck that’s a great place to be. Savour it. Remember it. Be present and aware of how good it is.

Flip side: when shit is falling apart, mindset is everything. It’s important to recognize that nothing lasts forever, and everything is temporary. The training slump? The injury? The lack of motivation? All temporary. Any shitty situation is always temporary. Trust me, I’ve had some last for years. But there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel.

How you look at, and react to, every situation is 100% in your control. Just like nutrition. And it ultimately dictates the outcome.

Author: Mike Kesthely 

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